Second Tourism Investment Market Forum

The Second Investment Market Forum was held in due course at the period between April 26-29, 2006. Wherein different projects were offered in all the Syrian Governorates. Some of which were for signing contracts, others were for Promotion in order to be later with the requirements of the investments motivation for the projects particularly in setting the necessary marketing plans, announcing them and modifying the investment terms in the developing areas.

Provided that the proposed sites in the Second Forum contributed to restructuring the investments and achieving a more balanced development. Among these sites and projects we have: In Aleppo the project for environmental tourism, in Banias the project for internal tourism, in Lattakia a site for mountainous tourism, in addition to sites for historical tourism in Aleppo, Hama. Bosra. On the opposite of Tartous there are investments at the underwater islands, in Bloudan a project for winter tourism. In Tartous there are investments for the tourism of caves, in Deir Ezzor the project for river tourism, in Idleb and Daraa sites for health tourism, in Aleppo countryside sites for integrated tourism areas on the lakes. In Lattakia sites for integrated tourism areas on the beach.

As well, in Lattakia and in Damascus Countryside you can find investments for tourism training in addition to Sound and light Shows in five great Business Aviation in UK.

On the other hand, the priorities of the executive programs for the Ministry's work plan during 2006-2007 have been defined within a definite schedule in a way to be achieved properly, some of them concerning the tourism quality programs such as (the sites of religious tourism, the program of the borders or the promotion programs for the new tourism markets like China and the second and third generation of expatriates countries. Or the integrated project of Palmyra which includes the plan of the archaeological site management and Palmyra site in general, in addition to the added values, the sound and light shows, the accommodation investment sites, the sites for rehabilitation and training.

As well as the special programs for underwater islands on the opposite of Tartous, the development projects in Al Bassah, Al Sanawbar on Lattakia Beach, the product of the river tourism in the Governorates of Aleppo, Al Raqqa and Deir Ezzor. And the product of the Syrian Citadels in all the Governorates.

The committees for the technical and financial offers for the tourism investment projects owned by sides which reserved at the Second Tourism Investment Market Forum proceed their work in the Governorates to finalize the offers presented for 21 tourism projects at the value exceeding 15 billion S.P. these projects are as follows:


The site of Dummar project (Island 16) owned by the cooperative housing complex for professional Syndicates in ( Damascus Governorate).

The site of the lot 9 (Al Thawrah Street) owned by Establishment for Industries of Defence (E I D).

The site of the lot 14 (Al Thawrah Street) owned by Syrian Arab Airlines and the Governorate of Damascus.

The site of the lot 81 (West Abu Rummaneh) owned by Damascus Governorate.

The site of Khan Suleiman Pacha owned by ( Damascus Governorate).

The site of the traffic parking area owned by Damascus Governorate.

The site of the Segment 3: Zarzar lake owned by the Ministry of Tourism.

The Building of Immigration and Passports in Aleppo owned by Aleppo City Council.

The land site of Tourism complex in Banias/Northern Sector, the ownership is to the Ministry of Tourism in addition to the General Directorate of Harbors.

Al Fadel Suburb owned by, Tartous City Council.

The site of (West Cote dAzur) owned by the Governorate of Lattakia.

And the three following sites are owned by Governorate of Lattakia:

-The site of the project of Tourism Hotel in the Southern Corniche.

-Open Areas in the Southern Corniche.

-Entertainment centre in the Southern Corniche.

  The land site of the parking of old buses in Homs owned by the Governorate of Homs.

  The land of the Turn road of Palmyra owned by the Ministry of Tourism.

  The tourism Village No 1 in Palmyra owned by the Ministry of tourism and Palmyra City Council.

  The Tourism Village No 2 in Palmyra owned by the Ministry of Tourism and Palmyra City Council.

  Arwad Hotel owned by the Ministry of Tourism.

 ◙ The site of the project for mineral water in Al Yadoudeh owned by the Ministry of Health.

 ◙ The site of Ariqa Cave owned by the Council of the Town Ariqa in the Governorate of Suweida.