First Segment of Tourism Investment
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Damascus and Damascus Suburb area

  -   Damascus

    Lot No. 14 Thoura STr. Syrian Airlines Building.

    Plot /45/ general institution for Social insurance Damascus

    New Damascus Tourist complex site Dummar, Isle no /16/ Damascus

    Housing General Establishment estate next to palace of Justio Damascus

  -   Damascus Suburb

    Part 1 Lot Zarzar Pool / Damascus Suburb

    Segment no /2/ site , Zarzar lake /Damascus country side on the east northern side of the lake .

    Journalists Union Project Lot Rouda Zabadani / Damascus Suburb.

    Section no /8/ Qudsaiya suburh

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The northern area

  -   Aleppo

    Old Gov., Passport & Imm., and Union Preparing Institute Building Complex / Aleppo

    Industrial and Agricultural production Market Aleppo

    A tourist and commercial complex (Ministry of Awqaf land ) Al Jamilia

    Technical services building - Aleppo

    Sports establishments land Al Hamadanieh

  -   Edleb

    Sheikh Issa Baath Project Site / Idleb

    Tal Mardikh site

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The costal area

  -   Lattakia

    Tourist complex site on sports city corniche Lattakia

    Exhibition City Site / Lattakia

    Tourist complex site in southern tourist region Lattakia

    Tourist restaurant site on the southern cornice

    Qardaha Hotel Site / Lattakia

    Service and trade hotel and center in the northern tourist city Lattakia

  -   Tartous

    Banias project Middle section Tartous

    Real Estate No. 1758 Mashta Elhilou / Tartous

    Qamsia Site Lot / Tartous

    Estates nos. /482-483/- Al Kharab - Tartous

    Real estate /126/ - Qadmous / Tartous.

    Hamidia real estate site / 16- 6/

    Estate no /7920/ Tartous

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The middle area

  -   Homs

    Part of real estate No. 2068 Palmyra / Homs

    Homs City Council Site Lot Waar / Homs


    hotel training complex project in Palmyra Homs.

  -   Hamah

    Arnaout Palace Site Old Prison/ Hama

    Part of real estate No. 481 Jourin / Hama

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The southern area

  -   Daraa

    Busra Train Station Site / Daraa

    Old Houses Tourist Employment Project / Daraa

    Muzeirib Site Lot / Daraa

    Zaizoun Site/ Daraa

  -   Sweida

    Qarmata Palace Site / Sweida

    Um Houran Site / Sweida

    Tourist Hotel Site / Sweida

  -   Al konaytera
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The eastern area

  -   Dier alzoorr

  -   Al Raqqa

    Al Mansoura hotel land site on Al Baeth lake Al Raqa

    Ein Al Arous project- AL Raqa.

  -   Al Hasakeh

    Part of Real estate No. 18 Site - third real estate region/ Hasaka

    Al Yaaroubieh town council site / Al Hassakeh.