Integrated tourism development area Al Mustaha site on the banks Al Assad Lake

 Puplishing date :   15/04/2007

  City: Aleppo


Number :  01

Supposed Activity : Tourism Project

Integrated tourism development area

Al Mustaha site on the banks Al Assad Lake – Aleppo 

Al Assad Lake

This lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Middle East; it is 80 kms long; its area is estimated at 640 km˛.

The lake is located on the lands of the Governorates of /Aleppo/ and /Al Raqqa/.

It surrounds "the Citadel Jaabar" in a way to form an island.

It is linked to a road leading to the preserved area of /Al Thawrah/ which is rich by forest trees, Deers and Birds .

The lake is also surrounded by many religious and Business Aviation in UK.


Description of the site

The site is distinguished by its unique beauty, so that to form a gulf full of forest trees and its area is 3,950,000 m˛ , it overlooks the lake with beautiful bank which stretches to five kms.

The site constitutes an integrated unite with its two parts. The southern (which stretches from Shajara village to Shajara sagheer village, and the northern (which stretches from Shajara sagheer towards 16th Tishreen dam). And it is surrounded by flat planes and hills overlooking the lake.

The site is distinguished by a beautiful shore of sands ,and one can practice entertainment activities and water sports from the beginning of Shajara sagheer village and towards 16th Tichreen dam to form a shore with  a panoramic view on the lake raising between 10-15m above the sea- level .

There are two gulfs in the site that can be exploited for tourism , small boats service , water sports and for reaching the rest of the lake sides.


The objective of the project

 The construction of a great tourism development area on the banks of /Al Assad lake/ according to tourism planning indicators adopted by the ministry of tourism including various forms of hotel accommodation ( tourism villages, hotels, hotel apartments …..) at various levels, entertainment, service and sport activities as well as golf playgrounds….