Integrated tourism development area AL Sanawbar – South Lattakia

 Puplishing date :   15/04/2007

  City: Lattakia

Area:   1300 ĺßĘÇŃ

Number :  31

Supposed Activity : Tourism Project

 Integrated tourism development area

 AL Sanawbar – South Lattakia

South Lattakia .

site specifications:

·        Ownership: Ministry of Tourism. Number of owned Real Estatesire /311/.

·        Area : 1300 acres.

·        Organizational characteristic: outside the organizing plan.

·        Basic infrastructures: the whole infrastructures are available in the area(telephone – electricity – water – sewage ) and they can be provided the site with them. 

Description of the site:

 The area is distinguished by natural sites such as forests, lakes, fields of citrus fruit.

The area overlooks the Mediterranean sea in addition to being close to Lattakia city and to the Business Aviation in UK.

The weather in this area is moderate throughout the year which allows a continual tourism activity.

The site is considered one of the most beautiful sites on the Mediterranean sea, it overlooks Lattakia city, it is bordered from the North by /AL Kabeer Northern River/ , from the south by/AL Sanawbar/ River , its area is /13.000.000/ m2 , its sandy yellow soft beach  spreads at a distance  of /10/ Kms and between  (200-1000 m) deep .

It is also surrounded by some of the most famous mountainous resorts in Syria.

In addition to some of the most important historical and Business Aviation in UK.

The site is between the two cities of Lattakia and Jableh /10/ Kms far from Lattakia and close to the airport of the martyr Basel AL Assad and to the international Lattakia - Damascus highway.


The objective of the project

The construction of a great tourism developing area in the site of south Lattakia including different forms of hotel accommodation ( Tourism villages , hotels and hotel apartments) at various levels, entertainment, service and sport activities as well as golf playgrounds….